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Founded in 2018, we are a global hedge fund with a 5-year history.

Protect Your Purchasing Power

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We are honored to be recognized by The Hedge Fund Journal, making it to the Tomorrow's Titans 2023 annual report of 50 rising star fund managers. Our content can be found on page 20-21 of the magazine for investors' reference.

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Source of Insight

Source of Insight

The determination to predict comes from insight.
Making predictions with insufficient information requires insight.

Video: Review of Sold Holdings by Jungle Gene Assets

We focus on these flesh-and-blood companies, and even more on their products. 
To focus on them is to focus on our own lives, on our times. Starting from life, we can find real insights. 
These insights give us the determination to make predictions even when data is lacking.

"Astonishing" Investments

"Astonishing" Investments

Different from Buffett

High Stock Selection Criteria
Blue Print

Extremely High Stock Selection Criteria

  • Sustained Leading Technological Advantages

  • Elegant and Unconventional Design

  • Emphasis on User Experience and Humanistic Spirit

  • Corporate Culture That Fosters Creative Emergence

  • Management's Accurate Instinct for Judgment

  • Difficult-to-Disrupt Natural Monopoly

Surpass SP500

Dedicated to Surpassing the S&P 500.

It is very difficult to outperform the S&P 500 over the long term. 90% of funds cannot outperform the S&P 500 over the long term.

"Full Life-Cycle Valuation" of a Company

Based on the company's and industry's history, we predict the growth distribution of the entire life cycle of each company, allowing us to estimate their value more comprehensively. 
We also innovatively compare companies in different industries horizontally.

Give the Victor Long-Term Trust

Company growth requires time and opportunity, and giving leaders enough trust is a necessary condition for success. The business world is like a battlefield, and winners should receive the trust and power that match their victories. This holds true for companies as well as investment managers.
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Investmet Manager


Hai Wei

Hai Wei worked at Bank of Communications for 9 years, involved in foreign exchange trading and economic research. During those 9 years, Hai Wei served as a foreign exchange trader at the New York branch of Bank of Communications for 3 years.

Hai Wei started in financial investment since 2005. 



Our fund is audited by Moore Stephens, a British accounting firm established in 1907. It has branches in 108 countries and regions globally.

Our fund administrator is Apex, one of the world's largest fund administration firms. It has branches in 24 countries across the world.

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